Tilia tomentosa
Silver Linden
4 to 7
Southern Europe and Western Asia

Upright to oval at maturity.
60-70 feet tall and 45 to 55 feet wide
Yellowish-white, bracted, fragrant, pendulous
Broadly conical to ovate, dense and symmetrical, medium texture 3 inches, lustrous dark green and silvery underside, shimmering in the wind
⅓ inch nutlet, light seed crops mostly persist and dry on the tree

‘Brabant’- Broad conical crown with a strong central leader, leaves dark green with yellow fall color.

‘Erecta’ (‘Fastigiata’) - Upright clone.

‘Green Mountain’- Rapid growing form, develops a dense-headed tree that is heat and drought tolerant.

‘Satin Shadow’ - Gilted green leaves, with silver underside, 50’ by 40’ tall.

‘Sterling’- Broad pyramidal crown with lustrous dark green leaves, silvery on the underside.



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