Euonymus fortunei
(F. radicans
or F. radicans aculus)
Hardy Vine

Clinging vines or subshrubs
  • 'Colorata'  - rambling groundcover, with leaves turning purplish in the fall and retaining that color all winter.
  • 'Gracilis' - With variegated leaves, often white or yellow margins. Named clones include 'Silver Queen', 'Kewensis' - With very small leaves
  • 'Minima' - Leaves less than 4 inches long.
  • var. vegetus - shrubby can climb also - rounded leaves - orange to red fruits.
  • 'Berryhill' - upright in shape, with the leaves 1-2 inches long.
  • 'Sarcoxie' - upright form - leaves are glossy and retained part or all of the winter and it grows about 3-4 feet tall.
  • 'Kewensis' - smallest leaf of the wintercreepers - from Kew Gardens
  • Euonymus fortunei 'Longwood' - From the Longwood Garden in Pennsylvania - small leaves - more rugged than Minima.
  • 'Radicans' - Common Wintercreeper -



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