Hosta 'Babbling Brook'

This Dr. Kevin Vaughn of Massachusetts cultivar is a hybrid of a sibling of H. 'Tutu' (H. 'Donahue Piecrust' × H. pycnophylla) x H. 'Regal Ruffles'. It was registered on his behalf by Kevin Walek (Hosta Registrar) in 2009. This giant size plant grows to 29 inches in height and a width of over 66 inches. It has a semi-upright form with medium green, moderately corrugated, broadly ovate, deeply rippled leaves. Pale lavender, funnel shaped flowers are borne on recumbent scapes around 3 feet in height followed by viable seeds.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "When the raceme is heaviest, the scape arches down toward the ground in an unattractive manner."

bullet H. 'Regal Ruffles'
  1. H. 'Soul Shine'

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