Hosta 'Bold One'

Paul Aden of New York registered this hybrid of a variegated form of H. 'Robust Giant' × H. 'Green Gold' in 1978. It grows into a giant size hosta about 30 inches in height with a width of around 38 inches. The foliage is variable in color with a combination of gold, chartreuse and white.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), " probably was difficult to maintain and was eventually lost."

"Plant is an H. 'Fortunei' form which is splashed gold, chartreuse, and white. Unstable."

bullet H. 'White Colossus'
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  2. H. 'Royal Rainbow'
  3. H. 'White Colossus'
  4. H. 'Wide Brim'

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