Hosta 'Robust Giant'

Registered by Peter and Jean Ruh of Ohio in 2005, this large size (18 inches high by 31 inches wide) cultivar is of unidentified parentage. Its leaves are light to medium green, ovate, slightly corrugated, folded, cupped and dull on top. Tubular flowers with stripes bloom from June into July on scapes 35 to 46 inches tall.

According to the registration materials: "...former name 'Fortunei Robusta', heavy flower scape..."

It was also once known as H. fortunei 'Robusta'.

bullet H. 'Robusta'
bullet H. 'Robusta Glauca'
  1. H. 'Big Daddy'
  2. H. 'Bold One'
  3. H. 'Royal Quilt'

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