Hosta 'Bow Bells'

Originated by Dave Bowe of Ohio, this cultivar was registered in 2021 as a seedling of H. 'Fragrant Blue' × (H. 'One Man's Treasure' × H. 'Cinnamon Sticks'). It is a small size (9 inches high by 19 inches wide) hosta with blue-green foliage. The ovate leaves are moderately wavy and slightly folded. Its petioles have red speckles on them. It bears fragrant, pale purple, bell shaped flowers from August into September and sets viable seeds.

According to the Registration materials: "Small blue hosta with light red speckling in the petioles and lightly fragrant bell-shaped flowers.  Lighter when grown in the sun & much darker grown in the glaucous bloom fades it becomes light green if in the sun or dark green if in the shade..."

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