CultivarType of OriginMother/Pod Parentx Pollen ParentAdditional Information
'A Scape Plan'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta yingeri, 'Sun Power', 'Elvis Lives', 'Branching Out' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Alicia'HybridComplex Cross'Breeder's Choice''Minuta', Hosta venusta (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'American Pie'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Green Fountain', 'Swoosh' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Appetizer'HybridComplex CrossHosta venusta'Bright Lights', 'Swoosh', Hosta longissima (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Aqua Velva'HybridComplex Cross'Summer Fragrance''Blue Lace', 'Polly Bishop' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Sieboldiana' (TYPE)
'Babbling Brook'HybridComplex Cross'Regal Ruffles''Donahue Piecrust', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Regal Ruffles' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Barbara May'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Blue Arrow', 'Harvest Dandy', Hosta pycnophylla, 'Sea Fire' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Blue My Mind' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Big Kahuna'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta montana macrophylla, 'Elatior', 'Dorothy Benedict' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Bev and Dave' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Blue Buns'HybridComplex Cross'Big Daddy''Invincible', 'Hirao Splendor' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Blue Hawaii'HybridComplex Cross'Tokudama Aureonebulosa''Bengee', 'Sagae' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Blue Bayou' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Boy Shooting Arrows'HybridComplex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki''Beatrice', 'Katrina Jo' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Brandywine'HybridComplex CrossHosta longipes hypoglaucaHosta montana 'Aureomarginata', Hosta venusta (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Breeder's Choice'HybridComplex Cross'Frances Williams''Beatrice' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Mildred Seaver', 'William Lachman', 'Christmas Tree' (SIBLING) 'Beatrice', 'First Impression', 'Kevin's Kaleidoscope', 'Vaughn Variegated Breeder' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Bright-eyed Ellie'HybridComplex Cross'Queen of the Seas''Arctic Blast', 'King Tut', 'Queen of the Seas', 'Sun Power' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Bud Lite'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Grand Slam', 'Neat Splash', 'Rising Sun' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Caesar Salad'HybridComplex Cross'Elvis Lives''Korean Snow', 'Maekawa' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Carved Complexity'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Komodo Dragon', 'Maekawa', 'Choo Choo Train' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Celtic Bouquet'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta pycnophylla, 'Grand Slam', 'Liberty Bell', 'Party Favor', 'Urajiro Hachijo' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Celtic Uplands'HybridComplex CrossHosta yingeri'Swoosh', 'John Wargo' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Chariots of Fire'HybridComplex CrossHosta pycnophylla'Beatrice', 'Garnet Prince' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cherry Berry'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Beatrice', 'Flamboyant', 'Frances Williams' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Banana Boat', 'Hot Lips', 'Joyce Trott', 'Moonstruck' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Chesapeake Bay'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Betty Lou''Maui Rains', 'Blue Arrow' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Ulysses S. Grant' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Childhood Sweetheart'HybridComplex Cross'Shining Tot''Neat Splash', 'Tardiflora' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Chimney Rock'HybridComplex Cross'Cosmic Hippie''Rosedale Shady Lady', 'William Lachman', 'Blue Belly' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Chorus Girl'HybridComplex Cross'Golden Friendship''Goddess of Athena', 'Blue Devil' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Christmas Cheer'HybridComplex Cross'Aureomarginata', H. montana'Color Fantasy' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Contortionist'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta yingeri, Hosta venusta, 'Elvis Lives', 'Maekawa', 'Salute', 'Sun Power' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Breeder'HybridComplex Cross'Cosmic Hippie''My Mom', 'Ma Breeder' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Confetti'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Blue Belly', 'King Lizard', 'Blue Hawaii', 'Skylight', 'Beer Belly Blues', 'Outrageous Dragon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Delight'HybridComplex Cross'Ma Breeder''My Mom', 'Cosmic Hippie' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Dragon'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Outrageous Dragon', 'Purple Verticulated Elf', 'Purple Perfection', 'Pumpkin Pie' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Dreamer'HybridComplex Cross'Geneva Remembrance''Cosmic Fantasy', 'Blue Belly' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Exceptional'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Blue Hawai', 'Blue Belly', 'Cosmic Knuckles', 'Frosted Morning', 'Skylight', 'Warwick Comet' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Fantasy'HybridComplex Cross'Frosted Morning''Cosmic Hippie', 'Beer Belly Blues' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Frosty'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Beer Belly Blues', 'Brutus', 'Giantland Thor', 'Ma Breeder' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Infatuation'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Goat Hollow', 'Purple Verticulated Elf', 'Cosmic Knuckles', 'Niagara Falls' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Jazzy'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fudge Ripple', 'King Lizard', 'Key West', 'Niagara Falls' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Journey'HybridComplex Cross'Cosmic Hippie' seedling'Frosty Morning', 'Warwick Comet' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Lady'HybridComplex Cross'Green Quarter''Rosedale Shady Lady', 'Cosmic Hippie' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Miss Fertile'HybridComplex Cross'Ma Breeder''Fudge Ripple', 'Chocolate Ripple' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Prize'HybridComplex Cross'Cosmic Hippie''Sea Prize', 'Beer Belly Blues' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Sensation'HybridComplex Cross'Geneva Remembrance''Fudge Ripple', 'Cosmic Hippie' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Shadows'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Beatrice', 'Cosmic Knuckles', 'Blue Belly' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Thrills'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Cosmic Sensation', 'Queen of the Seas', 'Dragon Lady', 'Purple Perfection' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Tie Dye'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fudge Ripple', 'Skylight', 'King Lizard', 'Blue Belly', 'Blue Hawaii' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Trophy'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fudge Ripple', 'Blue Belly', 'Queen of the Seas', 'Purple Verticulated Elf', 'Purple Perfection' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cosmic Universe'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta montana macrophylla, 'Blue Hawaii', 'Blue Belly', 'Outrageous Dragon', 'Key West', 'Outrageous Dragon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Country Candied Confection'HybridComplex Cross'Candy Dish' (Summers)'Frosted Dimples', 'Sea Frolic' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Country Double Take'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta pycnophylla, Hosta yingeri, 'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'High Kicker' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Country Dreaming'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Purple Verticulated Elf', 'Northern Heritage' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Country Melody'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta pycnophylla, 'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Ebony Spires', 'Sun Power', 'Golden Sculpture' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Country River Rapids'HybridComplex Cross'Astral Bliss''Swoosh', 'High Kicker' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Country Warrior'HybridComplex Cross'Russ O'Harra''William Lachman', 'Sagae' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Crazy Mouse'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta kikutii, 'Blue Mouse Ears', 'Gemstone', 'Cheatin Heart' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Crimson Desire'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta laevigata, 'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta pycnophylla, Hosta yingeri, 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Crinkled Leather'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Amagi Iwa', Hosta pycnophylla, 'Ebony Spires', 'Silver Frost' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Cup of Grace'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Halcyon', 'Spoons', 'Breeder's Choice' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Nate The Great' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Curly Locks'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Flamboyant', 'Resonance', 'White Christmas' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Ground Master' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Dahlonega'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Maekawa', 'Choo Choo Train', 'Northern Exposure', 'Manhattan' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Dancing Crane'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta pycnophylla, 'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo' 'Ebony Spires' 'Astral Bliss', Hosta yingeri, 'Grand Slam' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Dancing with Dragons'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Medusa', Hosta venusta, 'Neptune', 'Fulda', 'Joy Ride' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Dear Mom'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Dorothy Benedict', 'Sea Monster' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Deep Waters'HybridComplex Cross'Sea Frolic''William Lachman', 'Sagae' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Deliverance'HybridComplex Cross'Elvis Lives'Hosta longissima, 'Swoosh', 'Red Neck Heaven' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Delona's Smile'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Kinkaku', 'Hercules' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Dixieland Delight'HybridComplex Cross'Gold Regal''Swoosh', 'Green Fountain' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Dune Boy'HybridComplex Cross'Niagara Falls''Elatior', 'High Noon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Ebony Towers'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Echo the Sun'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta rupifraga, 'Dancing Queen', 'Neptune', 'Fulda' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Eleanor Lachman'HybridComplex Cross'Robert Frost''Neat Splash', 'Flamboyant' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Banana Sundae', 'Gene Summers' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Electrocution'HybridComplex Cross'Elvis Lives''First Lady', 'Swinger' (SIBLING) 'Swoosh', 'Red Neck Heaven', Hosta longissima (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Emerald Crown'HybridComplex Cross'Halcyon''Resonance', 'P14-3' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Shady Choice' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Eruption'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Swoosh', Hosta longissima, 'Red Neck Heaven', 'Elvis Lives' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Evening Inferno'HybridComplex Cross'Designer Genes''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta laevigata, Hosta pycnophylla, Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Eventide'HybridComplex Cross'Tokudama Aureonebulosa''Banana Sundae', 'Sea Drift' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Frosted Jade' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Fall Blush'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Neat Splash', 'Rising Sun' 'Grand Slam''Red Puppy' 'Atom Smasher', 'Redback Tavern' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Fiftieth Anniversary'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Christmas Tree Gala', 'Big John', 'Elatior' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Fingernails'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Hush Puppie', 'Silver Bay', 'Blue Mouse Ears', 'Cracker Crumbs' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'First Lady'HybridComplex Cross'Elvis Lives''Swoosh', 'Red Neck Heaven', Hosta longissima (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Fluff and Puff'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta pycnophylla, 'Whimsey' 'Party Favor' 'Grand Slam' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Focal Point'HybridComplex Cross'Fire Island''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Ebony Spires', 'Astral Bliss', Hosta laevigata, Hosta pychnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Frensham Matcha Tea Sorbet'HybridComplex CrossUnknownHosta longipes, Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Frensham Petit Four'HybridComplex CrossTardiana Group seedlingHosta minor Hosta longipes (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Frensham Red Lime Cordial'HybridComplex CrossHosta longipesHosta pycnophylla, Hosta longipes (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Frenzy'HybridComplex Cross'Elvis Lives''Swoosh', 'Red Neck Heaven', Hosta longissima (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Frosted Comet'HybridComplex Cross'Warwick Comet''Frosted Morning', 'Ma Breeder' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Fruit Cup'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fruit Loop' (SIBLING) 'Minuta', 'Shining Tot', 'Lakeside Looking Glass' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Fruit Loop'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fruit Cup' (SIBLING) 'Minuta', 'Shining Tot', 'Lakeside Looking Glass' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Garnet Spires'HybridComplex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Georgia Sunrise'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Jimmy Crack Corn', 'Maekawa', 'Choo Choo Train' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Giantland Hearts on Fire'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Sir Richard', 'Queen of the Seas' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Gitchigumi'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Sagae', 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa', 'Sun Power', 'Gold Regal' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Goat Hollow'HybridComplex Cross'Ma Breeder''Frosty Morning', 'Cosmic Hippie' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Gold Piece'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta ventricosa, Hosta tibae, Hosta plantaginea, Hosta nigrescens (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Golden Fantasma'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Orange Marmalade', 'Gemstone', Hosta venusta,, Hosta plantaginea,, Hosta kikutii (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Gone with the Wind'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fascination', 'Zounds', 'Niagara Falls', 'Sea Dragon', Hosta montana macrophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Hampshire County'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Shadows''Banana Sundae', 'Sea Drift' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Hobby Time'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Hercules', 'Kinkaku' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Holar Fire Rainbow'HybridComplex Cross'Mr Blue''Justice' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Holar Rainbow Storm'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Justice', 'Arch Duke' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Hope Springs Eternal'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Niagara Falls', 'Neptune', 'Fulda', Hosta rupifraga (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Hush Puppie'HybridComplex CrossHosta venusta'Beatrice' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Ichi-ban'HybridComplex CrossHosta venusta'Swoosh' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Imp'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Yellow Splash', 'Shining Tot', Hosta tibae, Hosta venusta (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Cookie Crumbs', 'Country Mouse' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Jammin'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Gold Crown', 'Green Sheen', 'George M. Dallas' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Judy Rocco'HybridComplex CrossHosta longipes hypoglauca'Spritzer', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Katana'HybridComplex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki''Elegans' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Kermit'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Halcyon', Hosta longipes, Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Kim She'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Sieboldiana', 'Harvest Dandy', 'Swoosh', 'Green Fountain', 'Hirao Splendor', Hosta longipes, Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Lake Gitchigumi'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Sagae', 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa', 'Sun Power', 'Gold Regal' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) (SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
'Landslide'HybridComplex Cross'Elegans''Swoosh', 'Invincible' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Leapin' Lizard'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Splashed Leather', 'Treasure Island' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Leather and Lace'HybridComplex Cross'Astral Bliss''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Ebony Spires', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Lemon Snap'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Smiley Face', 'Beet Salad', 'Peacock Strut' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Light the Match'HybridComplex Cross'First Blush''Swoosh', 'Raving Beauty' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Lightning Flash'HybridComplex Cross'Venetian Blue''Color Fantasy', 'Alabama Gold' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Lipstick Sunset'HybridComplex Cross'Beet Salad''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Beet Salad', Hosta laevigata, Hosta pycnophylla, Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Lonesome Dove'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Moon''Splish Splash', 'Sagae' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Lakeside Beach Captain', 'Lakeside Cupcake' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Louie Louie'HybridComplex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki''Louie' (SIMILAR NAME)
'Mandelbrot Set'HybridComplex Cross'Azure Snow''Katrina Jo', 'Galaxy' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Mariposa'HybridComplex Cross'Tiny Tears''William Lachman', Hosta capitata (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Mastodon'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Polly Bishop', 'Blue Lace' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Blue Mammoth' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Maui Blue Kitten'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Hadspen Heron', 'Blue Rock', 'Betty' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Memorable Moments'HybridComplex CrossHosta kujosumensis'Breeder's Choice', 'Faith' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Memories of Dorothy'HybridComplex Cross'Aureomarginata', H. montana'Dorothy Benedict', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Heavenly Beginnings' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Minnesota Wild'HybridComplex Cross'High Noon''Little Wonder', Hosta laevigata (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Mirage' (Livingston)HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Ginko Craig', Hosta plantaginea, Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Mistress Mabel'HybridComplex CrossHosta plantaginea'Beatrice', 'Blue Moon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Mop Top'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Little Jim', 'Green Sheen' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Morning Call'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta pycnophylla, 'Candy Dish', 'Ebony Spires', 'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Neptune'HybridComplex Cross'Salute''Maekawa', 'Halcyon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Night Rhythms'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Astral Bliss', 'Country Candied Confection', 'Purple Verticulated Elf' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Nishikigawa'HybridComplex CrossHosta venusta'Swoosh' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Cookie Crumbs' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Northern Hemisphere'HybridComplex Cross'Teaspoon''Beatrice', Hosta hypoleuca (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Oil Paint'HybridComplex Cross'Invincible''Sea Prize', 'Hirao Majesty' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Outrageous Dragon'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Belly''Outrageous', 'Chinese Dragon Supreme' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Party Trimmings'HybridComplex Cross'Sparkling Burgundy''Liberty Bell', 'Sparkling Burgundy', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Pebble Creek GPS'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Dorothy Benedict', Hosta nigrescens (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Pebble Creek Grey Roses'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Green Piecrust', 'Big John' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Peek-a-boo Purple'HybridComplex Cross'Venetian Blue''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Ebony Spires', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Petticoat Junction'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Elvis Lives', 'Salute', Hosta nigrescens (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Phyllis'HybridComplex Cross'Sea Drift' seedling'Color Fantasy', 'Love Pat' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Prairie Sky'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Jay''Maruba Iwa', Hosta rupifraga, Hosta longipes (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Blue Danube', 'Blue Jay' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Presence of Mind'HybridComplex Cross'Tenryu''Ginko Craig', 'Rascal' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Proud Peacock'HybridComplex Cross'Fluted Fountain''William Lachman', 'Sagae' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Proud Sentry'HybridComplex Cross'Venetian Blue''Swoosh', 'Crested Surf' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Rags To Riches'HybridComplex Cross'Glad Rags''Golden Medallion', 'Blue Mammoth' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Raucous Ruffles'HybridComplex Cross'Fluted Fountain''Color Fantasy', 'Love Pat' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Reid All About It'HybridComplex Cross'Aureomarginata', H. montana'Color Fantasy' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Rimmed Cauldron'HybridComplex Cross'Abiqua Drinking Gourd''Love Pat', 'William Lachman' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'River Dance'HybridComplex Cross'Astral Bliss''Grand Slam', 'Party Favor' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Round About Midnight'HybridComplex Cross'Deane's Dream''Astral Bliss', 'Purple Verticulated Elf' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Rowan My Boat'HybridComplex Cross'Treasure Island''Butternut Hill', 'Azure Snow' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Royal Bells'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Beatrice', 'August Moon', Hosta kikutii (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Satoko'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta kikutii, Hosta hypoleuca, 'Mikawa-no-yuki' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) Tardiana (TYPE) 'Mikawa-no-yuki' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Seasons in the Sun'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fulda', 'H9-57', 'Key West', 'Komodo Dragon', 'Neptune' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Shadow Waltz'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Shadows''Hampshire County' (SIBLING) 'Banana Sundae', 'Sea Drift' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Sissy's Siberian Eyes'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Christmas Tree Gala', 'Niagara Falls', 'Sea Dragon', Hosta montana macrophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Snake Charmer'HybridComplex Cross'Yoshinogawa''Mikawa-no-yuki', 'One Man's Treasure' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Solitude'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Frosted Dimples', 'Sea Frolic', 'Tsuma Tajima', 'Pewterware' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Spartan Spear'HybridComplex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Spiral Nebula'HybridComplex CrossHosta kikutii polyneuronHosta longipes hypoglauca, Hosta kikutii (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Spring Shower'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Sieboldiana', 'One Man's Treasure' Longiana (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Stargazer'HybridComplex Cross'Aureomarginata', H. ventricosa'Beatrice', Hosta yingeri (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Statue of Liberty'HybridComplex CrossHosta plantaginea'Fragrant Blue', 'Halcyon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Sterling Medallion'HybridComplex Cross'Purple Verticulated Elf''Frosted Dimples', 'Sea Frolic' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Stimulation'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Elvis Lives', 'Invincible', 'Red Neck Heaven', 'Treasure Island' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Strawberry Parfait'HybridComplex Cross'June''Swoosh' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Stuck on Blue'HybridComplex Cross'Subterranean Pool''Frosted Dimples', 'Sea Frolic' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Summer Squall'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Sieboldiana', 'One Man's Treasure' Longiana (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Spring Shower' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Sunny Smiles'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Snowbound' (SIBLING) 'Cynthia', 'Aunt Saphrona', 'The Graveyard One' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)'Shade Fanfare' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Sunshine Floozie'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Dancing Queen', 'Branching Out' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Sunshine Glory'HybridComplex Cross'Golden Waffles''Beatrice', 'Frances Williams' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Sea Dream' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Surfboard'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Christmas Tree Gala', 'Elatior', 'Dorothy Benedict', 'Big John' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Swamp Thing'HybridComplex CrossHosta yingeri'Sieboldiana' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Swinger'HybridComplex Cross'Elvis Lives''Electrocution', 'First Lady' (SIBLING) 'Swoosh', 'Red Neck Heaven', Hosta longissima (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Swizzle Sticks'HybridComplex Cross'Maruba Iwa'Hosta montana 'Aureomarginata', Hosta venusta (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Syncopated Harmony'HybridComplex Cross'Fire Island''Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Ebony Spires', 'Astral Bliss', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Tall, Dark, and Handsome'HybridComplex Cross'Blue Umbrellas''Niagara Falls', 'Grand Canyon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Tambourine'HybridComplex Cross'Halcyon''Resonance' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Crusade', 'Emily Dickinson', 'Gay Blade', 'Torchlight' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Tears in Heaven'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Neptune', 'Fulda', 'Joy Ride', 'Winfield Blue' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Thrills and Frills'HybridComplex Cross'Fluted Fountain''Breeder's Choice', 'Faith' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Thunder Boomer'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Sieboldiana', 'One Man's Treasure' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Tobacco Road'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Elatior', 'Bengee', 'High Noon', 'Great Plains', 'Zounds', 'Tokudama', Hosta montana macrophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Tongue Lashing'HybridComplex CrossUnknown'Blue Mouse Ears', 'Tardiflora', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta venusta, Hosta kikutii, Hosta longipes, Hosta rupifraga, Hosta plantaginea (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Top of the Mornin'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake', Hosta laevigata, Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Transitions'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Liberty Bell', 'Noah's Ark', 'Sea Drift' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Twinkle Little Star'HybridComplex Cross'Chabo Unazuki''Astral Bliss', 'Purple Verticulated Elf' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Unbridled Passion'HybridComplex Cross'Maekawa''Neat Splash', 'Northern Halo' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Urchin'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Candy Dish', 'Atom Smasher', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Valley's Lemon Limbo'HybridComplex Cross'Mississippi River''Tequila Sunrise', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Vanilla Bean'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Blue Mammoth', 'Cheatin Heart', 'Gemstone', 'Green Fountain', 'Minima', 'Swoosh', 'Tardiflora', Hosta kikutii, Hosta longipes, Hosta venusta (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Venetian Blue'HybridComplex Cross'Tardiflora''Marilyn' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Waterslide'HybridComplex Cross'Neptune''Medusa', 'Blue Moon', Hosta venusta, Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Wicked Mom'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fudge Ripple', 'Skylight', 'King Lizard', 'Key West', 'Blue Hawaii', Hosta montana (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Wicked Treasure'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Fudge Ripple', 'Purple Verticulated Elf', 'King Lizard', 'Skylight', 'Cosmic Knuckles', 'Purple Perfection' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Winter Frost'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossHosta nigrescens, Hosta yingeri, Hosta tsushimensis 'Ogon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Wisconsin Midnight'HybridComplex Cross'Painted Desert''Dorothy Benedict', 'My Mom' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Wishing Well'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Color Fantasy', 'Big Daddy', 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd', 'Love Pat', 'Popo' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Wizard's Illusion'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Liberty Bell', 'Urajiro Hachijo', 'Whimsey', 'Party Favor', 'Grand Slam', Hosta pycnophylla (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Xanadu Shining Knight'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Elatior', 'High Noon', 'Sagae' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Yellow Emperor' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Shining Knight' (SIMILAR NAME)
'Yippee'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Salute' "7DB5(S)3W67" 'Atom Smasher', 'Lizzard Lick' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Yosemite Valley'HybridComplex Cross'Niagara Falls''Elatior', 'High Noon' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Zebra Stripes'HybridComplex Cross'Abba Dabba Do''Outhouse Delight' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'ZIP Code'HybridComplex CrossComplex Cross'Atom Smasher' "7DB5(S)3W67" 'Lizzard Lick' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)

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