Hosta 'ZIP Code'


Registered by Dr. Doug and Mardy Beilstein of Ohio in 2018, this medium size (11 inches high by 15 inches wide) cultivar is an seedling of an unnamed seedling of ("Beilstein Seedling 7DB5(S)3W67" x H. 'Salute')  × (H. 'Lizard Lick' x H. 'Atom Smasher'). It is an upright growing hosta with medium green foliage that has a creamy white marginal variegation. The leaves are lanceolate, slightly folded, slightly wavy and slightly shiny on top. Pale lavender flowers bloom in July on light red speckled scapes about 20 inches tall but it does not set seed.

The registration materials state: "...Long, stretched-out, firm bladed leaf. The narrow creamy edge runs around a slightly wavy margin on the end of a petiole that can't figure out where to start. 'Zip Code' is available to send anywhere...petioles are 1 to 1.5X the length of the leaf (8-10 inches) and don't know where to start or stop." 


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