Hosta 'Cosmic Exceptional'


Registered by Rod Kuenster of Iowa in 2019, this cultivar is a seedling of [(H. 'Frosted Morning' × H. 'Warwick Comet') × (H. 'Cosmic Knuckles' × H. 'Purple Perfection')] × [(H. 'Blue Belly' × H. 'Skylight') × H. 'Blue Hawaii'] . This large size hosta is about 25 inches high by 49 inches wide with dark blue-green foliage that has a streaked greenish-yellow variegation. The leaves are nearly round, heavily corrugated, slightly wavy and slightly cupped. Medium lavender flowers with pale purple stripes bloom from mid-July into August on green with some yellow scapes 29 to 35 inches tall. It sets viable seeds in blue-green pods.

The registration materials state: "...Interesting genes."


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