Hosta 'Northernair Bluetilda'


Registered by Monty Carlson and Julie Carlson of Northernair Hostas in Minnesota in 2022, this cultivar is a seedling of (an unnamed F2 seedling of H. longipes latifolia 'Urajiro Hachigo' × an unnamed seedling of H. 'Potomac Pride') × (H. longipes latifolia 'Urajiro Hachigo' × H. 'Potomac Pride'). (**For clarity sake, the hostas in Red are the background of the unnamed pod parent and the ones in Green are the background of the unnamed pollen parent of this cultivar.)

This is a large size hosta about 20 inches high by 55 inches wide with blue-green foliage. The broadly ovate leaves are slightly cupped, moderately twisted, moderately folded, moderately corrugated and "deeply wavy with big bumps overall". Deep purple flowers with white stripes on the inside bloom from mid-July into August on scapes 19 to 24 inches tall followed by viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "Big, blue and covered with wrinkles, crinkles, puckers, waves, folds and ripples."


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