Hosta 'Dahlonega'

This large size (22 inches high by 50 inches wide) cultivar was registered by Harold McDonell of Georgia in 2014. It is a hybrid of ((H. 'Maekawa' × H. 'Choo Choo Train') x ( H. Northern Exposure' × (H. 'Northern Exposure' × H. 'Manhattan'))), I am tired just from typing all that

The foliage is golden yellow, heavily corrugated, heavily piecrusted, broadly ovate, slightly cupped and dull on top. Its near white, tubular flowers with pale lavender stripes bloom from June into July. It sets viable seeds.

This cultivar was first registered as H. ‘Dahlonga’ which was a typographical error that has subsequently been corrected to the name listed above. Dahlonega is a city in the state of Georgia, U.S.A.


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