Hosta 'Cosmic Trophy'


Registered by Rod Kuenster of Iowa in 2019, this cultivar is a seedling of [(H. 'Fudge Ripple' × H. 'Blue Belly') × (H. 'Queen of the Seas' × H. 'Purple Verticulated Elf')] × (H. 'Queen of the Seas' × H. 'Purple Perfection']. This large size hosta is about 26 inches high by 49 inches wide with intensely blue-green foliage that has a streaked greenish-yellow variegation. The leaves are broadly ovate, heavily corrugated, heavily wavy and serrated at the margins. Pale lavender flowers bloom from late June into July on scapes 25 to 30 inches tall. The scapes are frosty blue-green with green and pink striping. It sets viable seeds in streaky green pods.

The registration materials state: "...Almost serrated edges, very thick substance. Winner of Rod Kuenster Hosta Seed Growers Show and two seedlings from it won other "Best in Show" awards."


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