Hosta 'Chameleon'


This is one of those cases where there are three hostas with the same name. One is registered and, therefore, the "official" version of H. 'Chameleon' while the other two are non-registered hostas and need to be renamed to avoid further confusion.

Caprice Farm Nursery in Oregon registered this cultivar of unidentified parentage in 1986. It is a giant size plant growing 28 inches high by 70 inches in width. The foliage is a medium green color with a white or white speckled marginal variegation. Its pale lavender flowers bloom from mid-July into August. H. 'Vivian' is a similar cultivar.

Schmid says that this cultivar was originated by Walter Marx of Marx's Garden in Oregon and was named by Allan Rogers of Caprice Farm Nursery also in Oregon.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Chameleon' (Caprice)

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...A different plant, a hybrid of 'Fortunei Aurea' × 'Fortunei Albomarginata' from England, also bore the name 'Chameleon' in the 1980s. That plant formed a medium size mound of mottled, creamy white, yellow, and green foliage with lavender flowers from late July into August."

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Chameleon' (England)

The Genus HOSTA by W. George Schmid (1991), lists this or another plant of the same name as a hybrid of H. 'Fortunei' × H. sieboldii from Eric Smith of England.


Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Chameleon' (Eric Smith)


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