Hosta 'Crispula Lutescens'

This selection of H. 'Crispula' is a non-registered cultivar. It varies from the mother plant by having yellow blotches on the foliage in the early spring. The leaves turn green later in the season. 'Crispula Lutescens' is a large size (24 inches high by 20 inches wide) hosta. Near white, funnel shaped flowers bloom from June into July. It sets viable seeds.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), " most likely infected with a virus and should not be grown." 


"An unstable, European, mosaic, mutant from H. 'Crispula Viridis'. Emerges green, becomes yellow spotted, but eventually reverts to all-green. Several clones exist, all being more-or-less unstable. In North America a cultivar infected with a virus looks much the same but is infectious and should be destroyed..." Schmid says the name is not in a scientifically correct form and comes from Dr. Nils Hylander of Sweden,

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