Hosta 'Eternal Flame'

This cultivar originated as a sport of H. 'Whirlwind' that was registered by Hans Hansen and Shady Oaks Nursery of Minnesota in 2000. The mound grows into a medium size hosta about 14 inches in height which spreads to 3 feet in width with leaf blades that are twisted and curved. Pale lavender flowers bloom in late July.

Similar cultivars include H. 'Cyclone' and H. 'Northwind'.

Note the all green leaves in the clump which indicates that at least one bud has reverted to the non-variegated type. Follow the green leaves back to their point of emergence on the crown and cut that division out. Plant it somewhere else since it is still a nice, green plant. If you leave the reversion on the plant, it will eventually take over the clump over coming years.

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