Hosta 'Fire Island'

Bill Brincka of Indiana registered this upright growing cross of H. longipes hypoglauca x H. 'Crested Surf' in 1998. This cultivar starts the season bright yellow but turns greener as the season progresses. The medium size (10 inches high by 18 inches wide) mound has slightly wavy, slightly corrugated leaves with deep maroon-red petioles. It forms lavender flowers in August.

The Book of Little Hostas by Kathy and Michael Shadrack (2010) says: "A prominent raised position in a fairly sunny spot will display both the bright foliage and the striking petioles. Ideal for the deck or window box and raised bed."

As mentioned, this is a plant that changes color through the season. The picture below was taken on May 4 and the one above was from later in the summer.


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