Hosta 'Fuji-no-Akebono'


W. George Schmid in his Hosta Species Update in The Hosta Library (2008) states that this is a non-registered sport of H. montana which is rarely seen in Japanese gardens. It is a cultivar from Kenji Watanabe of Gotemba Nursery in Japan. The leaves are green with a yellowish-white medial (center) variegation that also includes some streaking.

As a sport of H. montana, this plant is probably a large size hosta with an upright growth habit and medium green colored foliage. The leaves are deeply veined, moderately wavy with a moderately lobed leaf base. It has open funnel shaped, very pale lavender flowers in July with bracts on the flower scape after the flower opens. Plants of this species also tend to emerge early in the spring and are often susceptible to damage from frosts if not protected.

Schmid says that It is also known as H. 'Fuji Sunrise' but the hosta we have by that name is a much smaller plant with H. sieboldii in its background. Perhaps the 'Fuji Sunrise' sold in Japan is different from the one sold by that name in the U.S.


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