Hosta montana

aka Ōba Gibōshi (Large-leaved hosta)

H. montana is a species that is found throughout its native Japan where it is called Hosta 'Oga Gibōshi'. Liberty Hyde Bailey originally named the plant H. fortunei var gigantea.

This species forms a large size (28 inches high by 78 inches wide), vase-shaped mound of medium green foliage that is deeply veined, moderately wavy with a moderately lobed leaf base.

One of the unique characteristics is that the flower bud itself looks like a flower. It has open funnel shaped, very pale lavender flowers in July with bracts on the flower scape after the flower opens.

Plants of this species also tend to emerge early in the spring and are often susceptible to damage from frosts if not protected.

There seems to be a lot of variation within this species and The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009) divided the species into six groups:

1. H. montana - the "typical" green-leaved species;
2. H. montana 'Aureomarginata'- Yellow margined
3. H. montana 'Mountain Snow'- White margined
4. H. montana 'Choko Nishiki'- Gold centered
5. H. montana 'Emma Foster'- Gold leaf
6. H. montana macrophylla

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "Of the four most common species in Japan (H. sieboldii, H. kikutii and H. longipes being the others), H. montana is the most consistent...has proven to be a valuable breeding plant and is the source of several significant mutations."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Very variable in the wild. Usually much larger in cultivation. Emerges later than its best-known sport, H. montana 'Aureomarginata'. The parent of many large-leaved hybrids...Very long, dense racemes and numerous leafy bracts. Heavy production of pods weighs the scape down."

Mark Zilis' Field Guide to Hostas (2014) states that this species was found in Japan in " grasslands near Mt. Fuji; woodlands; rocks & cliffs; along streams..."

An article by Hajime Sugata of Japan in The Hosta Journal (1994 Vol. 25 No. 2) states that "One of the unique characteristics of H. montana is that it sometimes grows close to developed areas. It can be found densely populated, sparsely distributed, and occasionally as a single plant. Dense growth of H. montana is found along the edges of rice paddies. Although some are cut or pulled out with weeds by farmers during the rice planting time in May, H. montana is not discouraged.

There are many regionally modified forms. A white-backed form exists around Kansenji Temple in Tsukude Village, Minamishitara County, a large clump form at Mitashi, Atsuke Town, and a small and thick-leaf form, tolerant of direct sunlight and drought, along the banks of the Hida River, Gifu Pref."


  1. H. 'Borsch 1'
  2. H. 'Candlewood'
  3. H. 'Chirifu Tochigi'
  4. H. 'Craig C-4'
  5. H. 'Crispula Viridis'
  6. H. 'Fortunei Gigantea'
  7. H. 'Hatsushimo'
  8. H. 'Krossa B-4'
  9. H. 'Krossa DX-2'
  10. H. 'Krossa DX-4'
  11. H. 'Krossa X-1'
  1. H. 'Krossa X-5'
  2. H. 'Mount Fuji'
  3. H. 'Ōba Gibōshi'
  4. H. 'Summers No. 80'
  5. H. 'Summers No. 182'
  6. H. 'Summers No. 355'
  7. H. 'Summers No. 411'
  8. H. 'Summers No. 448'
  9. H. 'Summers No. 466'
  10. H. 'Summers No. 486'
  1. H. 'Asagiri Ōba'
  2. H. montana 'Aureomarginata'
  3. H. 'Chirifu Ōba'
  4. H. 'Choko Nishiki'
    aka H. 'On Stage'
  5. H. 'Creech'
  6. H. 'Daihaku Ryū'
  7. H. 'Daihakuryo'
  8. H. 'Daisetsurei'
  9. H. 'Emma Foster'
  10. H. 'Fuiri Ōba'
  11. H. 'Fuji Nishiki'
  12. H. 'Fuji-no-Akebono'
  13. H. 'Fuji-no-Yubae'
  14. H. 'Ginrei'
  15. H. 'Gohon Matsu Fukurin'
  16. H. 'Hakuūn Nishiki'
  17. H. 'Haru no Yume'
  18. H. 'Haru Yuki Nishiki'
  19. H. 'Hatsushimo Nishiki'
  20. H. 'Hida-no-hana'
  21. H. 'Ki Chirifu Ōba'
  22. H. 'Kichirifu Oba Giboshi'
  23. H. 'Kickapoo Krinkles'
  1. H. 'Kinakafu Kiyosumi'
  2. H. 'Kinkaku'
  3. H. 'Kinkanshoku'
  4. H. 'Kiowa'
  5. H. 'Kogane Fuji'
  6. H. 'Liliiflora'
  7. H. montana macrophylla
  8. H. montana ovatolancifolia
  9. H. 'Mountain Haze'
  10. H. 'Mountain Snow'
  11. H. 'Mount Tsukuba'
  12. H. 'O Fuji Fukurin'
  13. H. 'Ogon Oba'
  14. H. 'Reihō Nishiki'
  15. H. 'Shimo Chirifu'
  16. H. 'Shinsei Ōba'
  17. H. 'Shirofukurin Ōba'
  18. H. 'Shūhō Nishiki'
  19. H. 'Shun Yū'
  20. H. 'Shunkō Nishiki'
  21. H. 'Shurin'
  22. H. 'Tsunotori Fukurin Ōba'
  23. H. 'Urajiro Oba'
  24. H. 'Utsukushigahara Fukurin Ōba'
  1. H. 'Abiqua Pagoda'
  2. H. 'Abiqua Parasol'
  3. H. 'Amanogawa'
  4. H. 'Apple Pie'
  5. H. 'Baja Sunset'
  6. H. 'Behemoth'
  7. H. 'Benedict's Folly'
  8. H. 'Bethel Big Leaf'
  9. H. 'Big Boy'
  10. H. 'Big Mo'
  11. H. 'Bizzard Garcia'
  12. H. 'Blue Eagle'
  13. H. 'Blue Legend'
  14. H. 'Borsch 1'
  15. H. 'Borsch 4'
  16. H. 'Brandywine'
  17. H. 'Brazen Hussy'
  18. H. 'Candlewood'
  19. H. 'Chatham Lightkeeper'
  20. H. 'Cheyenne'
  21. H. 'Chirifu Oba'
  22. H. 'Chodai Ginyo'
  23. H. 'Clean Lines'
  24. H. 'Coal Miner'
  25. H. 'Cree'
  26. H. 'Crystal Glaze'
  27. H. 'Dazzling'
  28. H. 'Devon Tor'
  29. H. 'Donahue Piecrust'
  30. H. 'Dragon Wings'
  31. H. 'Echigo Nishiki'
  32. H. 'Elatior'
  33. H. 'Falling Waters'
  34. H. 'Flaming Arrow'
  35. H. 'Freedom'
  36. H. 'Fountain'
  37. H. 'Frost Giant'
  38. H. 'Frosted Jade'
  39. H. 'Fujibotan'
  40. H. 'Gay Nineties'
  41. H. 'Geronimo'
  42. H. 'Gosan Sigi Grey'
  43. H. 'Gosan Sunproof'
  44. H. 'Grand Tetons'
  45. H. 'Green Nymph'
  46. H. 'Greenkeeper'
  47. H. 'Hatsushimo Nishiki'
  48. H. 'Hido Noltaro'
  49. H. 'Honey'
  50. H. 'Hopi Haloes'
  51. H. 'Immense '
  52. H. 'Jay P. Warren'
  53. H. 'Jealousy'
  54. H. 'Key Lime'
  1. H. 'Kifukurin Kiyosumi'
  2. H. 'King James'
  3. H. 'King John'
  4. H. 'King Michael'
  5. H. 'Kinkaku'
  6. H. 'Kinkanshoku'
  7. H. 'Kurumazaki'
  8. H. 'King Michael'
  9. H. 'Lakeside Cha Cha'
  10. H. 'Lakeside Swan Pon'
  11. H. 'Mary Lou'
  12. H. 'Montel'
  13. H. 'Mount Daisen'
  14. H. 'Mount Everest'
  15. H. 'Mount Fuji'
  16. H. 'My Friend Nancy'
  17. H. 'Nambu Musou'
  18. H. 'Ōgon Ōba'
  19. H. 'Outrageous'
  20. H. 'Peppermint Ice'
  21. H. 'Pewter Frost'
  22. H. 'Prince of Wales'
  23. H. 'Princess Amalia'
  24. H. 'Rainmaker'
  25. H. 'Rosie Posie'
  26. H. 'Salem'
  27. H. 'Sand Pebbles'
  28. H. 'Satin Beauty'
  29. H. 'Shacbister'
  30. H. 'Shirobana Ōba'
  31. H. 'Shirobana Yushun'
  32. H. 'Shironami'
  33. H. 'Silk Kimono'
  34. H. 'Smoothie'
  35. H. 'Snowy Mountain'
  36. H. 'Stingray'
  37. H. 'Straka Gold'
  38. H. 'Sunami'
  39. H. 'Suruga'
  40. H. 'Swizzle Sticks'
  41. H. 'Taika Ōba'
  42. H. 'Teacher's Pet'
  43. H. 'Temple Great'
  44. H. 'Transiens'
  45. H. 'Tucker Blue'
  46. H. 'Tucker Friendly'
  47. H. 'Tucker Friendly Folk'
  48. H. 'Tucker Pucker'
  49. H. 'Tucker Tommy Little'
  50. H. 'Umi Ōba'
  51. H. 'Unexpected Pleasure'
  52. H. 'Urajiro Ōba'
  53. H. 'Wicked Mom'
  54. H. 'Yae-no-ōba'

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