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Although taxonomists continue to debate the status of hosta species (it's part of their job afterall), W. George Schmidt in his 1991 classic, The Genus Hosta decided that there were 43 species. Since that time, he changed his mind on Hosta sieboldiana in 2010 and now he and The American Hosta Society call it a cultivar, H. 'Sieboldiana'. Listed below are the hosta species as we know them least for now.

No.Total ListPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
1 Hosta aequinoctiianthaMediumMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
2 Hosta alismifoliaLargeDark-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleJulySpecies from Japan--NR--
3 Hosta atropurpureaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesDeep-PurpleJulySpecies from Japan--NR--
4 Hosta callianthaMediumMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
5 Hosta capitataMediumDark-Green  SpeciesDeep-PurpleJune to JulySpecies from Korea--NR--
6 Hosta cathayanaMediumMed-Green  SpeciesMed-LavenderAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from China--NR--
7 Hosta clausaLargeDark-Green  SpeciesDeep-PurpleJuly to AugustSpecies from Korea--NR--
8 Hosta clavataSmallLight-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
9 Hosta crassifoliaLargeMed-Green  SpeciesPure-WhiteJune to JulySpecies from Japan--NR--
10 Hosta densaMediumGreen  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
11 Hosta fluctuansLargeMed-Green  SpeciesNear-WhiteJuly to AugustSpecies from Japan--NR--
12 Hosta gracillimaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptember to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
13 Hosta hypoleucaMediumMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderJulySpecies from Japan--NR--
14 Hosta ibukiensisSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleJulySpecies from Japan--NR--
15 Hosta jonesiiMediumGreen  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugustSpecies from Korea--NR--
16 Hosta kikutiiMediumMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
17 Hosta kiyosumeninsis -  Duplicate- Duplicate Name 
18 Hosta laevigataMediumDark-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Korea--NR--
19 Hosta longipesSmallDark-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
20 Hosta longissimaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
21 Hosta minorSmallGreen  SpeciesLight-PurpleJulySpecies from Korea--NR--
22 Hosta montanaLargeMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderJune to JulySpecies from Japan--NR--
23 Hosta nakaianaMediumDark-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleJulySpecies from Korea--NR--
24 Hosta nigrescensGiantBlue/Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderJuly to AugustSpecies from Japan--NR--
25 Hosta okamotoiSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
26 Hosta pachyscapaLargeMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderAugustSpecies from Japan--NR--
27 Hosta plantagineaLargeMed-Green  SpeciesPure-WhiteAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from China--NR--
28 Hosta pulchellaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
29 Hosta pycnophyllaLargeLight-Green  SpeciesMed-LavenderAugust to September to OctoberSpecies from Japan--NR--
30 Hosta rectifoliaMediumBlue/Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleJulySpecies from Japan--NR--
31 Hosta rohdeifoliaSmallMed-GreenMarginalYellowSpeciesPale-LavenderJuly to AugustSpecies from Japan--NR--
32 Hosta rupifragaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
33 Hosta shikokianaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleJuneSpecies from Japan--NR--
34 Hosta sieboldiiSmallMed-GreenMarginalWhiteSpeciesLight-PurpleAugustSpecies from Japan--NR--
35 Hosta takahashiiMediumLight-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugustSpecies from Japan--NR--
36 Hosta takiensisMediumMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
37 Hosta tardivaSmallMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
38 Hosta tibaeMediumDark-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptemberSpecies from Japan--NR--
39 Hosta tsushimensisMediumMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleAugustSpecies from Japan by Fujita, Dr Noboru--NR--
40 Hosta ventricosaLargeDark-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleJulySpecies from China--NR--
41 Hosta venustaMiniatureMed-Green  SpeciesPale-LavenderJune to JulySpecies from Korea--NR--
42 Hosta yingeriSmallMed-Green  SpeciesLight-PurpleSeptemberSpecies from Korea by Yinger, Barry--NR--
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