As The American Hostas Society grew and added members from throughout much of the U.S. and some foreign countries, there was a need to upgrade The Bulletin. In 1985, significant changes were made to make it a more "professional" looking publication. At that time, its name was also changed to the current, The Hosta Journal.

Over the years, the addition of color photographs and glossy magazine format has made it a premier example of a plant society newsletter. Recently, the Society has added an online version of The Hosta Journal for easy access by the membership.

Editors of the AHS publications have included Alex J. Summers, Paul Aden, Russell O'Harra, Warren Pollock, Bob Solberg, Clyde Crockett, Kevin Walek and Dr. Bob Olson.

Mr. PGC Comment: In my humble opinion, even if you never intend on attending a convention or other activity, it is worth joining The American Hosta Society just to receive The Hosta Journal. It is a great source of information for Hosta Rookies, hobbyists and hard core Hostaphiles.

We have searched our copies of The Hosta Journal for anything that might relate to any of the over 13,300 hosta names in our database. We extracted parts of articles that dealt with historical matters, opinions of well-known hostaphiles, recommendations (positive or negative), lookalike cultivars and the seemingly never ending problem with confusing names.

Where appropriate, we placed a copy of the material on the individual cultivar or species page. We also put the information and quotations on a group of topic pages listed below:

  1. Blue Hostas
  2. 'Blue Mouse Ears'
  3. Early Hosta Cultivars
  4. Fall Bloomers
  5. Flowers
  6. Green Hostas
  7. Halcyon Group
  8. Hosta History
  9. Hybridizing
  1. Japanese Words
  2. Large Hostas
  3. Look-a-Like Hostas
  4. Hosta Names
  5. Non-US Hostas
  6. Photo Essays
  7. Plant Traits
  8. Hosta Series
  9. Small Hostas
  1. Hosta Species
  2. Top Rated Hostas
  3. Unstable Variegation
  4. White Margin Hostas
  5. White Medial Hostas
  6. Yellow Hostas
  7. Yellow Margin Hostas
  8. Yellow Medial Hostas

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