Hosta 'Gentle Giant'

A seedling of H. 'Frances Williams', this cultivar was registered by Paul Black of Oregon in 2005. It forms a giant size hosta about 45 inches high by 68 inches wide. The foliage is twisted, corrugated and deeply cupped. Lavender flowers bloom starting in June followed by viable seeds.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Tolerates sun in cooler climates although strong sunlight melts the wax off the leaves angled directly at its rays turning them of the largest hostas with blue leaves. Increases rapidly...The deep cupping of the leaves allows the thickly coated white undersides to be easily visible. The leafy bracts are small."

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (2015 Vol. 46 No.2) states that, "Paul Black registered the hosta in 2005 as 'Gentle Giant', reflecting his appreciation of ice skating and Japanese figure skater Midori Olympic medalist and world champion nicknamed "the gentle giant"



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