Hosta 'Good as Gold'

Paul Aden of New York was originally credited with introducing this cultivar which is an all yellow form of both H. 'Gaiety' and H. 'Hoopla'. Recently, it was determined that this hosta is actually of unidentified origin and it was registered by Peter Ruh of Ohio in 2010. It is a large size (20 inches high by 45 inches wide) plant with chartreuse, non-variegated leaves. The foliage is slightly rippled, moderately corrugated, ovate, slightly cupped and dull on top. July blooming flowers are funnel shaped and lavender.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "The original plants offered for sale, however, had a very narrow, creamy white margin...Sometime during the late 1980s the plants being offered had all-gold foliage."

bullet H. 'August Moon'
bullet H. 'Golden Fascination'

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