Hosta 'Hercules'

A non-registered cultivar from Alex Summers of Delaware and James Goffery of New York, it is a hybrid of H. 'Sagae' that grows into a giant size hosta about 33 inches in height and 70 inches in width. The leaves are broadly ovate, slightly wavy and slightly corrugated with thick substance. It blooms in July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "Alex Summers received the plant...from a friend (Goffery)...a similar Heinz Klose introduction from Germany that bear the name 'Herkules' and is also large with bluish green leaves. I am also afraid that the two have been mixed in the collector's trade."

In Greek mythology, Hercales was the son of the god, Zeus. The Roman name was Hercules or Kerkules.

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