Hosta 'Jurassic Park'

Rod Lysne of Northern Grown Perennials in Wisconsin crossed two unnamed seedlings to create this large size cultivar which he registered in 2006. It is projected to grow into a giant size hosta around 40 inches in height and 9 feet in width. The leaves are broadly ovate, slightly corrugated with thick substance. In July, it bears lavender flowers on scapes nearly 4 feet tall.

The 2021 registration materials for H. 'Standing Room Only' say that it is a "reciprocal sibling" of this cultivar. Reciprocal siblings occur when the same two plants are used for two different crosses. In one, Hosta A is used as the pod parent and Hosta B is the pollen parent. In the second cross, A is the pollen parent and B is the pod parent. The parents of both cultivars are two unnamed seedlings originated by Chet and Cynthia Tompkins in their breeding program.

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