Hosta 'Standing Room Only'

Originated by Rod Lysne of Northern Grown Perennials in Wisconsin, this fast growing cultivar was registered in 2021 as a cross of two unnamed seedlings originated by Chet and Cynthia Tompkins. It is a large size (22 inches high by 40 inches wide) hosta with blue-green foliage. The broadly ovate leaves are moderately cupped, heavily corrugated and moderately wavy. It bears pale lavender, tubular shape flowers in July and sets viable seed.

According to the Registration materials: "Large clump of very dense foliage.   Heavy substance and very rugose at maturity.  Reciprocal sibling of 'Jurassic Park' from Chet and Cynthia Tompkins' breeding lines."

Reciprocal siblings occur when the same two plants are used for two different crosses. In one, Hosta A is used as the pod parent and Hosta B is the pollen parent. In the second cross, A is the pollen parent and B is the pod parent.


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