Hosta 'Kirkside Golden Parachute'

Originated by Clarence Hanna of Ohio, this cultivar was registered in 2021 as a seedling of (H. 'American Yeti' x H. 'Brutus') × an unnamed seedling of H. 'Stand Up'. It is a giant size (28 inches high by 66 inches wide) hosta with golden yellow foliage. The nearly round leaves are slightly corrugated, slightly convexly (downward) cupped and slightly shiny on top. It bears pale lavender, tubular shape flowers in July and sets viable seed.

According to the Registration materials: "Mature specimen is a large mound of golden, round, corrugated, dome shaped leaves with slightly ruffled edges and prominent veins.  Gives appearance of a parachute descending to earth...color gets brighter as the season progresses..."


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