Hosta 'Kite'

Originated by Eric Smith of England but registered in 1988 by the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society on his behalf, this blue-green cultivar is of unidentified parentage but is part of the Tardiana Group of hostas.

In a presentation at the Winter Scientific Meeting in 2004, Peter Ruh stated that there is no such plant. The BHHS was registering all of Eric Smith's Tardiana hostas but they were all just known by names such as TF2x7. As they went through the list, one in the sequence was missing so they gave it a name to hold a place in the registration process. Subsequently, it was determined that no such plant existed.

The Hosta Journal (2018 Vol. 49 No. R) states that, "Names governed by the Code are not established if, at the time of publication, no plants for which the name is proposed existed." Since there is no evidence that this plant ever existed, it has been removed from the list of registered hostas. To avoid confusion, this name will be unavailable for future registrations.


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