Hosta 'Leprechaun'

This cultivar of unidentified parentage from David Stone of Connecticut was registered by Peter Ruh of Ohio in 1991. The miniature size hosta grows about 4 inches in height with a spread of 11 inches. Its green foliage is ovate, whitish shiny on the bottom and dull on top. Medium purple flowers bloom in July.

This cultivar was named by Henry and Frank Payne of Piedmont Gardens.

In The Hosta Journal (1992 Vol. 23 No. 1) there is an article by Peter Ruh about the so-called David Stone Medium hostas which went by a numbering system that started with DSM. This cultivar was called DSM #15 and was described as "Small, a venusta seedling (last found of the series at Dr Reath's) dull-green, triangular leaves, glossy back, cupped, folded, flowers lavender."

bullet H. 'Tiny Tears'

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