Hosta 'Little Razor'


This hybrid of H. 'Sum and Substance' × a seedling of H. venusta was registered by Mark Zilis of Illinois and Doug Lohman of Illinois in 1988. The plant grows into a small size hosta about 9 inches in height with a spread of 19 inches. Its medium gold foliage has average substance. Medium lavender flowers in July.

Mark Zilis (2009) also says that this cultivar came from the same seed pod as 'Golden Decade', 'Courtesy', 'Little Razor', and 'New Wave'."

Of the five plants registered from seeds that all came from one seedpod, 3 ('Leather Sheen', 'Little Razor' and 'New Wave') were jointly registered by Doug Lohman and Mark Zilis. The other 2 ('Golden Decade' and 'Courtesy') were registered solely by Mark Zilis.


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