Hosta 'Magical Mouse Ears'

Originated by Marco Fransen of Fransen Hostas in the Netherlands, this non-registered cultivar is a sport of H. 'Blue Mouse Ears'. It is a miniature size hosta with cream colored leaves early in the season which change to a grey-green hue later in the season.


An article titled Standout Hostas of 2020 by Josh Spece of In The Country Garden & Gifts in Iowa in The Online Hosta Journal (Vol. 51 Online 2020) states that, "Hosta ‘Magical Mouse Ears’, a new sport from Hugo Philips and Marco Fransen, is a new twist within this family. The plant emerges creamy, pale yellow in the spring, then gradually shifts to grey-green by mid-summer. There have been a couple similar sports named, but in my experience they turned out to be impossible to keep alive. H. 'Magical Mouse Ears' turns color quickly enough to make it a good grower."



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