Hosta 'On the Marc'

This sport of H. 'Wogon Gold' was originated by Marc Laviana of Connecticut and registered by Alex Malloy of New York in 1999. The medium size plant grows to about 12 inches in height by 27 inches in width. Its green foliage has gold medial (center) variegation. The leaves are elliptic to lanceolate, slightly rippled and have thin substance. Purple flowers bloom in August.

"In the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants 1995, Article 17.6 dictates that all words should have an initial capital letter, with the following exceptions. Words that follow a hyphen, conjunctions and prepositions, other than those which are the first word in the epithet. Exceptions are also given where linguistic custom dictates otherwise.

The following hosta cultivar epithets should be corrected as follows: ‘On The Marc’ to ‘On the Marc’..."

bullet H. 'Fruehlingsgold'
bullet H. 'Kabitan'

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