Hosta 'Pebble Creek Crackerjacks'

Registered and originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan in 2019, this cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Red Dragon' × H. 'Mikawa-no-yuki'. It is a medium size plant about 14 inches high by 34 inches wide with medium green colored foliage. The flat leaves are slightly shiny on top, slightly rippled and lanceolate in shape with a tapered base. Its petioles have very bright plum-red speckles at the base which fade to a duller red speckles at the top with some carrying up into the leaf blade. The medium lavender flowers bloom from late August into September on dark mulberry colored scapes about 24 inches tall. This cultivar bears viable seeds in green pods with a faint purple striping.

The registration materials state: "...Leaves remain in a state of near perfection from emergence to frost. Elegant, draping form, rich petiole & scape colors, and bright sheen on rippled leaves. Low-swaying mulberry-colored scapes peek up through leaves like purple dragon heads...H. 'Pebble Creek Crackerjacks' honors my father. The name is pluralized because it refers to both the sterling quality of the plant and the sterling nature of my father. The man and the plant -- two crackerjacks. He was crackerjack at everything he did, and I loved him dearly. He'd often surprise me with a treat he enjoyed as a boy -- a box of Cracker Jack. It was always exciting to find the hidden prize. Getting 'Red Dragon' to set pod for me was an unexpected treat, and this progeny is the prize!"

This cultivar came from the same cross as H. 'Pebble Creek Moon Journey'.


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