Hosta 'Pebble Creek Moon Journey'

Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan and registered by her in 2019, this cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Red Dragon' × H. 'Mikawa-no-yuki'. It is a large size plant about 21 inches high by 40 inches wide with medium green colored foliage. The flat leaves are slightly shiny on top, slightly rippled, deeply veined and ovate in shape with a cordate base. Its petioles have very dark plum-colored speckles at the base. The medium violet flowers with "leopard-like" spots and translucent margins on alternate tepals. On the inside, the tepals are white with lavender colored stripes and heavy reddish speckles on all six tepals. Flowers bloom from late August into September on reddish-plum colored scapes about 28 to 29 inches tall. This cultivar bears viable seeds in green pods with purple striping.

The registration materials state: "...Purple-speckled flowers on dark plum-colored scapes with raspberry-tinted bracts early. Vase-shaped with plum-red speckled petioles, good substance, deeply impressed veins and tips that sometimes twist slightly. One of the larger red-petioled hostas."

This cultivar came from the same cross as H. 'Pebble Creek Crackerjacks'.


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