aka H. 'Host Sun 08'

Originated by Bernard Chodyla of Florida in 2004, this hosta is a non-registered cultivar. It was patented in 2011 as H. 'Host Sun 08' and was listed as a "selection" from a large grouping of H. 'So Sweet' propagated in a nursery in northern Florida.

A large size (22 inches high by 50 inches wide) plant, it has slightly shiny, wavy and smooth textured leaves. Its foliage is green with a creamy white marginal variegation. The flowers are pale lavender, fragrant, funnel shaped and bloom in August but produces few viable seeds.

SUNHOSTA™ is one hosta which appears to do well in the subtropical parts of the southern parts of Florida where frosts are exceedingly rare. Unlike most other hostas, this one is able to go through a year without going dormant and being exposed to chilling temperatures to complete dormancy.

In an article in The Hosta Journal, (2016 Vol. 47 No 1), Warren I. Pollock states, "It is also important to emphasize that SunHosta and SUNHOSTA are improper cultivar epithets under the Code. Neither can be registered - if for no reason other than the epithets contain the common name for the genus Hosta...SUNHOSTA is the trade designation, not SunHosta...

My conclusion is that SUNHOSTA ('Host Sun 08') and 'So Sweet' look alike. They both grow well in the North. Seemingly, 'So Sweet' has not been grown in southern Florida, but likely would perform there as well as SUNHOSTA."

United States Patent: PP21730  (2011)

Abstract: A new and distinct Hosta plant cultivar is disclosed, characterized by a better performance in the sun than other Hosta varieties known to the inventor; large, oval-shaped leaves; very low cold requirements and bright green leaves with wide, creamy yellow-white margins.


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