Hosta 'Send Your Camel to Bed'

Registered by Mike Dammen of in Minnesota in 2018, this fast growing cultivar is a medium size (14 inches high by 22 inches wide) sport of H. 'Midnight at the Oasis'. It is a green hosta with chartreuse colored marginal variegation. The leaves are broadly ovate, slightly corrugated, mostly flat and slightly shiny on top. Pale lavender, striped flowers with a "closed" shape bloom from July into August on scapes 15 to 22 inches tall.

The registration materials state: "...Differs from its parent in its reverse variegation, it has no white coloration and no green flecks. This plant's variegation continually changes throughout the growing season...Leaves emerge with light shades of bright greens & somewhat streaked variegation, turning darker variegations of green in early summer and finally darker green with very little variegation in late summer." 

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