Hosta 'Snow Cap'

Paul Aden of New York registered this cultivar in 1980. It is a cross between H. 'Wide Brim' × H. 'Royal Rainbow'. 'Snow Cap' forms a large size (19 inches high) mound of broadly ovate, moderately cupped foliage with thick substance in the center of the leaf. Near white flowers bloom in June and July.


According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), it is "...difficult to grow; margins often tear (not draw stringing); smaller than 'Northern Halo'; not recommended."

Zilis (2009) continues " more and more plants matured in gardens, it became evident that its beautiful white margin melted out by midsummer. The result is what I call the "sawtooth" effect i.e., a jagged margin which often turns brown on the torn edge."

bullet H. 'Brim Cup'
bullet H. 'Knockout'


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