Hosta 'Sorbet'

Originated by Gerardus Heemskerk of Heemskerk Vaste Planten in the Netherlands, this non-registered cultivar is a sport of H. 'Raspberry Sundae'. It is a medium size hosta about 16 inches high by 24 inches wide. It is a very upright growing plant with light green foliage that has a narrow cream white marginal variegation. The petioles are dark red and the color extends up into the leaf blade center somewhat. It bears purple flowers in August. 'Sorbet' has the reversed variegation pattern of the mother plant.

United States Patent: PP28897   (2018)

Abstract: A new cultivar of Hosta named ‘Sorbet’ that is characterized by its petioles that are red in color and dots on the center vein of the leaf that are red in color, its leaf margins that are creamy white in color, its variegation that is varied green in color throught the leaf centers, and its late blooming period.

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