Hosta 'Sparkle'

The plant shown above was incorrectly labeled as H. 'Sparkel'

Registered in 2009 by Mark Zilis, this cultivar from Japan is the result of a cross of H. longipes × unknown hosta by Katsuyoshi Tanaka. It forms a small clump about 10 inches tall by 23 inches in diameter. The streaked and mottled leaves are dull on top and slightly shiny on the bottom. They are slightly wavy, ovate with a round base. Its petioles are maroon-red in color. The plant bears tubular, flowers from mid-August into October. It is a slow growing plant.

From the Field Guide to Hostas by Mark Zilis (2014), "Do not confuse 'Sparkle' with the recently registered 'Sparkler'..."


The plant above is labeled H. Sparkle but it clearly does not fit the description of that cultivar. So, it is either mislabeled or the streaked plant has stabilized as a marginally variegated cultivar which should have a separate name.

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