Hosta 'Syncopated Harmony'

Registered by Don Dean of Minnesota in 2018, this cultivar is a seedling of (((H. ‘Liberty Bell’ x (H. 'Urajiro Hachijo' x H. pycnophylla)) x H. ‘Ebony Spires’) x H. ‘Astral Bliss’) × H. 'Fire Island'. It is a medium size hosta about 11 inches high by 27 inches wide with medium green foliage that has yellow marginal variegation. This rhizomatous hosta has leaves that are lanceolate, slightly twisted, slightly folded, intensely wavy and dull on the top. The variegation pattern carries down into the petioles. Pale lavender flowers with near white edges bloom in August on scapes 28 to 33 inches tall followed by viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "...Very narrow leaves with heavily rippled margins have clean contrast between leaf center and margin colors. Deeply impressed veins on a semi-rhizomatous clump...margins become near white later." 

Mikiko Lockwood in an article on The Hosta Library titled, A Little About Japanese Hosta Terms defines the term urajiro as white-backed or white underside.

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