Hosta 'Uniquely Catawampus'

Originated by Jeff Miller of Land of the Giants Hosta Farm in Wisconsin but registered by Marlene Rosenberg of Uniquely Hostas in Wisconsin in 2016, this small size (8 inches high by 21 inches wide) cultivar is a hybrid of H. 'Curly Fries' × H. 'Riptide'.

The leaves are medium green with creamy white marginal variegation. Its foliage is deeply folded, wavy, lanceolate, heavily rippled and slightly shiny on top. Pale purple flowers with dark purple stripes bloom from mid-August thru September on scapes up to 33 inches tall followed by purple seed pods.

The registration materials state: "Maintains small size & wavy edges. Topped with extremely tall scapes and dark striped flowers."

The Hosta Journal (2018 Vol. 49 No. R) states that this cultivar was originally incorrectly registered as unidentified parentage but should show that it is a hybrid of H. 'Curly Fries' × H. 'Riptide'.

The definition of cattywampus, often spelled catawampus, is something that is not lined up properly or not arranged correctly, or diagonally.

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