H. longipes
'Urajiro Iwa'

This is a form of H. longipes which is a non-registered cultivar from Japan. It forms a medium size (15 inches high by 32 inches wide) clump of dark green foliage with intense white bloom on the bottom of the leaf. The leaves have purple-red dots on the petioles, smooth texture, are moderately rippled and have thick substance. Purple flowers bloom in September.

An article about name changes by W. George Schmid in The Hosta Journal (1996 Vol. 27 No. 2) states that, "The Latin name of the species may be omitted, because the cultivar name already includes the vernacular Japanese name of the species. Thus, H. pycnophylla 'Ogon Setouchi' may be abbreviated to H. 'Ogon Setouchi' or H. longipes 'Urajiro Iwa' may be shortened to H. 'Urajiro Iwa'..."

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