Each year at the National Convention, the AHS holds an auction of hostas and other plant material. The plants are all donated and the proceeds from the sale constitute a major source of income for the society.

Often, hybridizers will introduce new cultivars they have developed by donating a plant to the auction. Also, streaked seedlings that are valued for hybridizing purposes are regularly on sale at the auction.

In recent years, there has been a second annual auction which is offered on the AHS website.

Note: If you have any information or anecdotes about happenings at the auction, please share them so we can add them to the list below. Thanks, Mr PGC

Cutivar Mark Zilis' Comments from The Hostapedia
H. 'Applause'

"The sharp contrast between the leaf center and margin makes this sport quite striking. Hans Hansen generously donated a specimen of his new sport to the 2006 American Hosta Society national auction."

H. 'Golden Tiara'

"When I began working with hostas in the late 1970s, 'Golden Tiara' ranked as a "hot new introduction", being the first small-sized hosta with gold-margined leaves. Everyone had to have it. the going price was about $50 per plant, so when I was able to purchase one for $40 at an auction, I felt fortunate. Since that time, 'Golden Tiara' has been widely propagated and is now a common sight in shade gardens."

H. 'Purbeck Mist'

"A specimen of 'Purbeck Mist', donated by Roger Bowden of Devon, England was auctioned at the 2004 AHS convention...originated with Eric Smith, who gave his seedling to collector Julie Morss over thirty years ago. Ann and Roger Bowden later obtained it when Julie Morss moved."

H. 'Tsuma Tajima'

"...sold for $3500 at the 2002 AHS convention auction. This cultivar honors Tsuma Tajima, the mother of prominent hosta collector and AHS member, Hideko Gowen..."

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