Variegation is the result of the lack of the green colored molecule of chlorophyll in a part of a plant. If you remember your basic plant science, you know that chlorophyll is where photosynthesis takes place. Parts of a plant that lack chlorophyll will thus grow slower than those with a full complement of the molecules and that tissue may lack substance and strength.

In some hostas with white margins on the leaves, this difference in growth rate results in a cupping or distortion of the leaves. On green or blue colored hostas, this may result in cupping which may be an interesting trait such as in H. 'Love Pat.' However, some plants with a wide white margin that is thinner and weaker, will split and tear.

Fortunately, this only affects a handful of cultivars so, if you don't like the effect, don't grow them.

Here is a list of some of the hosta cultivars noted for experiencing the Drawstring Effect.

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