Scorch is a symptoms that appears primarily on the edges of leaves. It is caused by an extreme lack of water which causes the death of the cells that are most remote from the roots. The dead cells turn brown, thus the scorched appearance.

Of course, as the lack of water continues, the symptoms can progress down to the veins of the leaf and into the stems.

  1. Drought or poor irrigation
  2. Extreme hot, dry wind
  3. Extreme cold, dry wind in the winter on evergreens
  4. Heat reflecting off buildings or pavement
  5. Root injury from construction, soil compaction, etc.
  6. Girdling roots around the base of the plant
  7. Too much fertilizer in contact with the roots

Note: We have provided some general information and observations on this topic aimed at the home gardener. Before you take any serious action in your landscape, check with your state's land grant university's Cooperative Extension Service for the most current, appropriate, localized recommendations.


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