Address: Next to the Pont Neuf
Arrondissement: 01
How to get there : Pont-Neuf

At the point of the 'Ile de la Cite', this green space offers a very pleasant panoramic view on the Seine.

This island was formerly three small islands joined during the construction of the 'Pont-Neuf' or 'New Bridge'. On one of these three islands was once an hydraulic mill, while on another was the site of a sawyer where the grand master of the Knights Templar as well as a second knight perished in 1314.

The point of the island is a public garden of the 'Pont-Neuf' now known for its romantic charm. It is often the setting for films.

The sunset seen from this spot is magnificent.
The Ile-de-la-Cité is shaped very much like a ship (hence the symbol for Paris is a boat), and at its "bow" -- the western tip -- is the Square du Vert-Galant (Henri IV's nickname), next to the Pont Neuf. It is planted with a wide variety of trees and flowers.

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