Address: 38 Rue du Montpensier
Arrondissement: 1
How to get there : Palais Royal

Surrounded by three elegant, covered arcades, this quiet garden was the most popular place to stroll during the Revolution, and was the stage for major historical events. Lovers of contemporary sculpture will appreciate Pol Bury's steel-ball sculptures which decorate the fountains, and Daniel Buren's controversial, prison-striped columns built in 1986.

Once past the doors that open onto this garden one is struck by the calm that reigns behind these walls rich in history...

Formerly the property of the Cardinal of Richelieu, the Cardinal Palace was bequeathed upon his death (1642) to the Crown.
In 1643, Anne of Austria settled here with the young Louis the Fourteenth, and it is in this year that the property became known as the 'Palais Royal', or Royal Palace.

The palace was then occupied successively by many major players in French history, and underwent considerable transformation until the arrival of Louis-Philippe in 1814, who gave the buildings their current form. Very restful, its proximity to the Daniel Buren columns as well as to two fountains of Paul Bury, located in the other part of the courtyard of the Royal Palace make it a place not to be missed.


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