Keukenhof is a magnificent 70 acre display garden where Dutch growers display their bulb plants. Over 8 million bulbs of all types are on display from the last week of March through the third week of May each year. It is the world's largest display of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.


Lisse - Holland
Stationsweg 166a
PO Box 66 - 2160 AB Lisse

What do you get when you mix over 8 million flowering bulbs with the plant know-how of the Dutch? You get one of the most breathtaking displays you are likely to see anywhere on earth!

We have visited in April and, in another year, in May. Both visits were fantastic, however, the peak of the garden is probably more in the April range. They close down about the third week of May so that is the end of the season as far as they are concerned.

To keep the awesome display fresh, gardeners are always scurrying around deadhead flowers the moment a single petal drops. They also have plenty of replacement plants in the greenhouses so, if a bunch of tulips get stomped by a mesmerized visitor, they can simple replace the damaged plants. Dutch precision and organization are at their peak in this garden. Wow!

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