This genus of bulb plants has a large number of species of various sizes, flower types and colors. They have straplike foliage and scaly bulbs. Most are native to Southern Europe, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean Region.

PGC-B-Narcissus-Bell-Song-2010-182There is some confusion over the correct name for this genus. All daffodils are Narcissus but not all Narcissus are daffodils. The names Narcissus, daffodil and jonquil are often used as if they are synonymous. Narcissus is the generic name and also is used as a common name. Daffodil is a common name that was carried to other countries by English-speaking people. Jonquil refers to a specific type of narcissus.

There are 11 major divisions of Narcissus which are based on flower proportions. such as trumpet length. These were adopted in 1950 by the Royal Horticulture Society. This standard is generally used by exhibitors and judges at flower shows.

The name, Narcissus, is a classical Greek name which honors a beautiful youth who became so entranced with his own reflection that the gods turned him into a flower.

Care and Culture of Daffodils



Narcissus asturiensis Asturian Daffodil
N. bulbocodium Petticoat Daffodil
N. calcicola Portuguese Daffodil
N. cernuus  
N. cyclamineus  
N. x iaeomparabilis  
N. jonquilla Jonquil
N. juncifolius  
N. minor  
N. moschatus
(N. cernuus)
N. x odorus Campernelle Jonquil
N. poeticus Poets Narcissus
N. pseudonarcissus Trumpet Narcissus
N. tazetta Polyanthus Narcissus
N. ulandrus Angels-tears
N. Watieri Watier Jonquil


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