The Hortus Botanicus (botanical garden) is a botanical celebration right in the heart of Leiden. It is the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. Plants from all over the world have been carefully cultivated here by experts for more than four centuries.

The Clusius garden is a reconstruction, the 18th century Orangery with its monumental tub plants, the rare collection of historical trees hundreds of years old, the Japanese, Von Siebold Memorial Garden symbolizing the historical link between East and West, the tropical greenhouses with their world class plant collections, and the central square and Conservatory exhibiting exotic plants from South Africa and southern Europe.


Rapenburg 73
PO Box 9516
NL-2300 RA
Leiden, Netherlands

Ever wonder where plants get those fancy Latin names and what they mean? Ever see the term sieboldiana or sieboldii attached to a plant species such as Hosta sieboldiana or Viburnum sieboldii? Well, that is a sign that those plants were "discovered" by the Dutch plant explorer, Von Siebold. Many of the plants he brought back to Europe for the first time.

The gardens also contain some very old specimen trees. Well worth a visit after a short train ride from the main station in Amsterdam. A nice day trip.

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