Formal Garden, Italian Garden, Water Terrace Garden, The Arboretum, the Rose Garden and the Marlborough Maze make up the gardens of this home of the Duke of Marlborough.

Plant people associated with the palace include: Charles Bridgman Capability BrownSir John Vanbrugh, Henry Wise and Achille Duchźne. Winston Churchill was born here too.

Blenheim Palace
England OX20 1PX

The beautiful palace and grounds were the home of the Duke of Marlborough. Winston Churchill was a descendant who, as I understand it, lived there with his family during his youth. The Duke originally got the property for winning some battle or other in some ancient war. Set the family up with wealth for many, many generations without lifting a finger.

Straight out from the front door stretches a view off into the far distance of the property. In true formal garden form, there is a long, straight axis line which goes over a bridge on their lake. Just outside the windows of the Palace there are beautiful formal gardens and in the distance, ancient specimen trees dominate the arboretum.

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